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Turkish-speaking Mega Agent in Berlin

Do you need professional advice on German real estate?

We help Real Estate agents, buyers, investors and sellers to handle the complex German paperwork, regulations, and terms with ease and find a buyer or seller for their Property.

Welcome to Germany!

Kibar Real Estate is Your Turkish-speaking Mega Agent in Berlin.


Let's sell Your property!

Let’s present your portfolio in the German market. Share the properties in your portfolio and we will present them to buyers in Germany.

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Find a property!

Let’s find the right property in Germany for your client. Let us know what kind of property you are looking for, and we will find you the perfect fit.

What´s the Deal?

You have to know countless complex regulations, terms and have to do a lot of paperwork in German. 

80% of Native German speakers are overwhelmed by the complexity of selling and buying a home and need the help of professionals. 

But it’s also difficult to consult and find sellers or buyers in the specific location. If you are in Turkey, trying to show a property in Berlin will be difficult. 

But before you cry, there’s a solution…

We can do this for you and your customer!

Kibar Real Estate is Your Turkish-speaking Mega Agent in Berlin.

What we can do for you


We can find the right property for you and your clients in Germany. Due to our huge network we can also organise off-market sales in case you want to sell your property.

Mortgage & Financing

We also find the right financing and credit for your investment. You do not have to deal with time consuming credit applications, we guide you through the whole process in English. 

Property Management

We can organise teams and experts to renovate, refurbish and follow up necessary repairs. Giving you freedom to be anywhere and not worry about home owner responsibilities.

Tenant Management

Let us help you generate cashflow from your investments – carefree and without the conflicts and discussions with tenants.

Your unfair advantage over your competitors!

Local expertise

As experts in the Berlin real estate market, we offer you insights and advice to help your clients select properties that meet their needs.

Market analysis and advice

Our in-depth market analysis helps you to identify potential risks at an early stage and make safe investment decisions, which helps you to better advise your clients.

Value potential

We help you select properties with stable value potential to ensure long-term security for your clients and increase your success.

Financing options

We find the best financing solutions for your clients to secure their investments and make it easier for you to complete transactions.

Knowledge of legislative changes

We keep you up to date with the latest legislative changes to help you better assess the potential impact on your business and ensure a smooth process for your clients.

Personalized support

Our dedicated team will be by your side throughout the process to make your job easier and provide your clients with first-class support. We speak German, Turkish, English and Russian.

Why work with us?

Kibar Mega Agent

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Nuray Kibar

Barış Bakır

Let us know in case you need any information or help about the German real estate market.

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